Honey and Royal Jelly
Enhanced with the added benefits of health-boosting, nutrient-rich royal jelly, this mouthwatering blend is a true superfood. Beloved for centuries by people worldwide, marvel at how incredible this honey is in cocktails, over oatmeal, in smoothies.  Made with raw natural...
White Liquid Honey No.1
A taste bud tantalizing blend, this smooth mixture is a fine example of honey’s most natural form. Smooth it over toast, stir it into tea, marvel at how delicate yet memorable the flavor is as a sugar substitute.   250ml...
White Creamed Honey No.1
Brimming with antioxidants, this delightful blend boasts a bold, candy-like taste that perfectly enhances biscuits, marinates, etc. The solid yet spreadable texture includes a unique composition that never goes bad.  250ml  
Organic Maple Syrup Golden Rich Canada Grade A
Crafted from the season’s first sap flows, this light syrup boasts a delicate maple flavor with notes of toasted butter and vanilla. Truly a syrup to savor, it is perfect over pancakes, ice creams, and more.  250ml  
Organic Maple Syrup Amber Rich Canada Grade A
A rich yet subtle syrup with a light amber color, this middle of the season grade is a marvelous addition to any kitchen. Wonderful for cooking, it can be effortlessly added to yogurts, coffees, cakes, galore.  250ml  
Organic Maple Syrup Dark Robust Canada Grade A
Our most robust grade, this deeply hued syrup comes from the season’s last flows. Boasting strong maple flavors, it is ideal for marinades, any and all baked goods, cocktails, breakfasts, as you see fit.  250ml  
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